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The why of our mission

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The opportunity and challenge

The digital transformation presents a unique opportunity for the development and cooperation sector to improve its processes and increase its impact through the use of technology. However, the current divide between the tech industry and the sector in question hinders effective partnerships and problem-solving efforts.

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Our mission

Our mission is to bridge this divide by combining expertise, seeking collaboration, and applying digital technologies to enhance the impact of development and cooperation initiatives.

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Our qualities

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Critical thinking

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Agile methodology

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Cultural sensitivity

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Problem solving

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Some of our projects

Applying natural language processing to the non-financial reporting of Swiss companies
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SAT's data warehouse
Standardizing data collection and analysis using KoboToolbox and a centralized web app
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Amnesty's Courage
From a classical board game to a dynamic web app for Human Rights education
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Who we are

Computer nerds, problem solvers, polyglots.

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